New brand of Gyeonggi’s Korea Ginseng – Cheong Gyeong Sam

“Cheong Gyeong Sam” is a brand name of Gyeonggi Korea Ginseng – unique in the world which has kept good quality of original Korea Ginseng of Gaesung for a millennium. It is the masterpiece that has been elaborately inherited over 1000-years

The brand Cheong Gyeong Sam is a co-brand by Gyeonggi Provisional Government and Gyeonggi 4 NH (National Agricultural Cooperative Federation). Cheon Gyeong Sam is a new brand product of ginseng and red ginseng cultivated in Gyeonggi province. Gyeonggi’s Korea Ginseng of best quality harvested in optimal natural consitions will be reborn as new name of “Cheon Gyeong Sam” of the world.

“Cheong Gyeong Sam” is only make of 6-year aged ginseng !

6-year aged ginseng is the best product cultivated in Gyeonggi area in optimal environment of fertile soil and cool climate of huge daily temperature range. Cheon Gyeong Sam adopting 6-year aged ginseng is outstanding in quality and medicinal effect. Under favorable natural conditions of soil and climate, innovative microbiological technique of cultivation is employed in entire range of producing best ginseng from soil management to harvest. Cheon Gyeong Sam is an elaborated product of best quality of ginseng and red ginseng. As an authentic ginseng of ginsengs, we are strongly confident in our 6-year root Cheon Gyeong Sam as a masterwork.

5 excellences of Cheon Gyeong Sam

Ginsenoside content ranked as 1st place 100% 6-year aged ginseng Cheon Gyeong Sam !

Cheon Gyeong Sam made of ginseng and read ginseng contain more ginsenoside, compound of saponine than those produced in other areas. It has (38 kinds) of saponine compounds more than white ginseng (23 kinds) in providing various medicinal effects.
Cheon Gyeong Sam is made selectively with 6-year aged ginseng which contains more physiological active compounds of ginsenoside, Rf and Rg1 and is proved as good for health.

Ginsenoside Rf : Pain relief effect that does not exist in American ginseng
Ginsenoside Rg1 : Anti-fatigue by stimulating central nervous system and angiogenesis
[Source] Result of Research about ginseng property published b Health and Environment R&D Center of Gyeonggi Province

Ginseng – Created by God and gifted from Heaven

Ginseng is one of the greatest benefits administered by God.
Ginseng has been called as a mysterious wonder drug and miraculous herb.
Among them, Korea Ginseng stands out above that of all the others.
Good quality “Cheon Gyeong Sam” represents the Korea Ginseng keeping the legitimacy of 1000-year mysterious virtue of medicine.

Healthy happiness of all men in the world
It is the very objective pursued by Cheon Gyeong Sam

Cheong Gyeong has been created as a representative premium brand of Korea Ginseng since 2009 by Gyeonggi province government, Korean Big 4 Ginseng Cooperatives and Gyeonggi NH (Agricultural Cooperatives) and tries to play an important role of providing various benefits to the world.

Cheon Gyeong Sam was born under a unique project supported by Gyeonggi Provincial Government. After privatization of Korea Ginseng Corporation, Cheon Gyeong Sam became a single brand guaranteed by governmental under cooperation with 4 big Ginseng producers.

There are national 12 big Ginseng producers, Among them, 4 big Ginseng Cooperatives such as Gaesung Gyeonggi Dongbu, Gimpo-Paju and Ansung, which retain the 1000-year-long cultivation skills and technology, have jointly created a celebrity brand of 6-year aged Cheon Gyeong Sam.

Gyeonggi Province is well known to have optimal geographical and geological conditions for cultivation of 6-year aged Ginseng. Cheon Gyeong Sam is a perfect proved product. It has been certificated by USA, FDA, Global GAP, JGAP, GMP and Islam HALAL. Under the cooperation with RDA (Rural Development Administration), GG ARES (Gyeonggi Province Agricultural Research and Extension Service). Joongang University and Semyung University, we makes top quality of ginseng in the world. Cheon Gyeong Sam made by only 6-year aged roots as red ginseng, cosmetic products, red-ginseng liquor and red-ginseng food applied by new technology.

As a commanding position of ginseng producing country. Cheong Gyeong Sam plays an important role of messenger providing happiness to humankind by its top quality at competitive price through implementing strict quality control, pricing policy, merchandising and A/S.

Cheong Gyeong Sam hopes earnestly the happiness of the world through healthy life.

Ginseng, best one of thousand medicinal compounds with remedial effects !
Korea Ginseng is the best one !

Korean Pride-Korea Ginseng loved by the world

Do you know that Korea Ginseng is most loved as a present to chief of states or celebrity visiting Korea ? What is the favorite brand-name product to foreigners visiting Korea ?

It is Ginseng, Korea Ginseng. There are many anecdotes about medicinal effects of Korea Ginseng. Mr. Mitterand, ex-president of France was told he had cancer. He was given three months to live. His choice was Korea Ginseng. He could prolong his life over six months. Everybody’s still talking about that even today. The good example was to present Korea Ginseng to foreign heads of states including ex-president Jiang Jieshi of Taiwan of VIPSs.

In particular, Korea Ginseng has long cultivation history of over thousand years. Its medicinal effect and quality have outstanding reputation against other origins. Actually Korea Ginseng is not also a famous Korean brand but also is loved by all people in every corner of the world.

Ginseng, a wonder medicine recognized by people of oriental and occidental world

Ginseng has been long-time used for all men and women regardless of age or gender. It is recognized as a wonder medicine, cure-all effect that none has doubt about. In western world, Ginseng was a most precious offering to Louis XIV, French king and also loved by Rousseau, French writer and philosopher. Form these facts, Ginseng was regarded as a wonder medicine in eastern and western world. In western world, an oriental treasure from the orient was Ginseng. Among them, Korea Ginseng is worldwide recognized in quality and medicinal effect as a unique celebrity brand of Korea, Korean Ginseng, its medicinal effect and wonderful remedial efficiency and mysterious over the time.

Unchangeable mysterious medicinal effect proved and lasted for a millennium !

From ancient times, Ginseng has been recognized in remarkable medicinal effects through clinical experiences of several thousand years, in a pharmacology classic “New Manual od Medicinal Herbs”, Mr. Do, Hong-Kyeong (488-496) wrote, Ginseng protects mainly five viscera, relaxes mind, stop convulsion, improves vision and clears head and when taking long time, it will read to longevity “ The medicinal effect of Ginseng was well expressed in Medical Classics such as “Record of Noted Doctor” and “Botanical List”. Recently, many scientific researches have been executed and reported in many countries for identifying remedial effects of ginseng based on physiological pharmacological and pathological knowledge.

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