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Product Description

Ingredient : Korean red ginseng roots for 6 year old, fluctose, low sugar, honey, Korean red ginseng extract (total ginsenoside 70mg/g, solid content 60% more) and others. It is jelly type, sweet and delivers a whole ingredients of red ginseng together, so all the people likes it. Easy to carry and take anytime anywhere you need for energy supplement during outdoor activities, i.e. mountaineering, cycling..., driving and travelling. It is particularly energizing for hard learning students and children. To take milk and soda is optimal. If you want to know more details about the efficacy of Korean ginseng, please refer to "KOREAN GINSENG I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT"and "CORE INTRODUCTION" on this internet site.

How to take

Take 2~3ea daily 3 times


Keep in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunshine

Self life

24 months from mfg. date

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