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Product Description

Ingredient : Korean red ginseng extract of 6 year old (total ginsenoside 70mg/g, solid content 65%), red bean sediment, starch syrup, refind sugar, glucose, isomaltose oligosaccharide, non fat dry milk, agar, red ginseng powder and red ginseng fragrance It is a red bean sweet jelly mixed with red ginseng power and extract ideally, so a good snack for energy supplement during moutaineering, cycling, jogging and any outdoor activity. It is sweet and everyone likes to enjoy it. If you want to know more details about the efficacy of Korean ginseng, please refer to "KOREAN GINSENG I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT"and "CORE INTRODUCTION" on this internet site.

How to take

Please take as you wish.


Keep in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunshine

Self life

12 months from mfg. date

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