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Kinds of Goods

15g*4ea+1 honey, 15g*2ea

Product Description

Ingredient : A whole ingredient of Korean fresh ginseng for 4~5 years old.A special technolgy of quick freezing in its process keeps a whole nutrients of Korean ginseng, and returns its natural taste and flavor, together, fast when take it. It is an extremely versatile health food as shown on the following examples : - Floating a chip on tea displays a pleasant atmosphere and the taste as well - When feel tired during working or driving, taking a piece gets rid of fatigue and feel pleasant - When golfing and mountaineering, it is good for energy supplement and  refreshment - Soaking in honey is a good nutritious and health food for all the family - Cooking porridge with chips is delicious and nutritious, especially for recovering patients - Cooking meats or fishes it gets rid of smell, moreover, increasing the taste, flavor and nutrition - Enjoying wine and liquor, it is a good relish for taste, flavor and cares of  your liver. If you want to know more details about the efficacy of Korean ginseng, please refer to "KOREAN GINSENG I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT"and "CORE INTRODUCTION" on this internet site.

How to take

Take as you wish


Keep in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunshine

Self life

12 months from mfg. date

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